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Welcome to my keto baking blog! I’m Jennifer, an amateur baker that loves making keto dessserts for my husband – the ultimate taste tester. I started my keto journey in November of last year to help my husband and I get our bodies wedding ready, and quickly learned the additional health benefits from adopting this diet. As someone that LOVES sugar and chocolate, I can attest to the feeling of satisfaction from a higher fat intake, and increased energy and mental clarity since going keto.
I decided to start this blog, because I’ve found a love for baking healthy sweets and want to share my recipes with others not knowing where to start on this diet.
I know the only way I would be successful on this new lifestyle is if I didn’t feel like I was overly restricting myself, which means indulging in a sweet concoction every now and then.
I struggled with a sweet tooth before I started keto, and since becoming fat adapted I now sporadically enjoy keto treats because fats are much more filling and satisfying for me.
I hope you enjoy my low carb cake and cookie recipes as much as my mom and husband do!

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