Jennifer Sprinkles - Ketogenic Baking - Creative Keto Cakes and Cookies - April 2020

Keto Cookies

Keto Cowboy Cookies

Keto cookies filled with gooey chocolate and nutty goodness. Best of all, these are only 115 calories and 1.22 g carbs per cookie! One of the positive things that has come out of this stay at home order has been spending more quality time with family. My fiance and I started themed movie nights withRead More

Keto Cakes

Keto Funfetti Cake Bars

Sweet, moist cake bars that are great for parties or just a treat! These bars taste like the homemade funfetti cakes my mom would bake for my birthdays growing up. This recipe is fun and easy to make, and it’s also so cute! I love the colorful sprinkles and pink icing. Enjoy! The original recipeRead More

Keto Sweets

Keto Cadbury Eggs

Classic Easter candies with a milk chocolate shell and a sweet gooey center Cadbury creme eggs always make me nostalgic of my childhood, waking up every Easter morning, running into the kitchen to eat the chocolates in my Easter basket. Aaron also loves these Cadbury eggs!Cadbury Eggs were an Easter tradition for him growing up,Read More

Keto Cakes-

Keto Sweets

Mini Keto Cheesecakes

Delicious creamy sweet texture with a crumbly crust Aaron and I had a romantic dinner last weekend to celebrate our original April 4th wedding date (postponed due to the coronavirus), and I made these cute little keto cheesecakes as dessert. These were so easy to make and tasty! These cheesecakes are perfect for Valentine’s Day,Read More

Keto Cocktails

Keto Whiskey Sour

This classic yet simple cocktail which originated before the 1860s by the british navy to fight off scurvy contains all of the basic ingredients for the perfect cocktail. One of the upsides to being confined indoors has been our increased curation and consumption of at home cocktails. You would be surprised how many cocktails youRead More

Keto Cocktails

Keto Homemade Simple Syrup

This ridiculously easy syrup can be used for cocktails, coffee, infused with herbs or fruit and drizzled on my keto pancake puff, or anything your heart desires! When Aaron and I first started dating, one of my favorite at-home date nights was making craft cocktails together. One weekend, Aaron bought the Texas Cocktails book byRead More